Craftsmanship Soul is a platform for modern craft to promote creative vision, innovation and collaboration across industries

Craftsmanship Soul aims to highlight unique craftsmanship and collaborative design projects that set new standards. The focus is on the essence of craftsmanship to ensure that people will continue to appreciate and recognise craft as a vital part of future developments across industries.
It will look closely into the cultural heritage of craft traditions and discuss its applied processes and methods, focusing on natural materials, techniques and styles.
The online magazine seeks to support international artisans who use their innovative will to reinterpret traditionally crafted objects and lead to broader goals for the future. We like to deliver an understanding of the wider impact that craft has on society and the economy. It aims to create a platform for inspiration, networking and exchange and to awaken the engagement of younger generations to the greater value of traditional crafts.
By continuously building this platform I hope to grow a community of international craftspeople and designers who can share and promote their knowledge and ideas.

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Founder & Creative Director
Mareike Besch

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