In this series Craftsmanship Soul takes a closer look at three manufacturers for fountain pen inks finding their unique motivation for creating some of todays best ink collections.

In Europe students in elementary school traditionally learn writing with a fountain pen in hand.
A fountain pen may lead to a greater attentiveness towards the exercise of writing than writing with a ballpoint pen but also engages in more detail with the quality of paper, the pen and its ink.
It takes some skill to handle a fountain pen well. Ink flows like lifeblood through the nib’s capillaries and sometimes it stains the fingers of the writing hand very badly.

Those inked fingers are an eye-catcher providing insights into the writer’s personality.
In more detail, the choice of a specific colour or a brand gives the writer the opportunity to express his or her individuality and making a unique statement.
There has been a growing popularity for coloured inks in recent years and ink manufacturers seize the moment offering a great variety.

Even though fountain pen inks have changed little since the late 19th century, manufacturing has become more and more complex.
Concepts behind the qualities of ink hone in on the development of distinctive characteristics that could lend a sense of personality.
We are looking at three different ink manufacturers (Graf von Faber-Castell | TAG | inkstand) whose choice of their unique inks’ properties could not be more different:

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Words & Photographs Mareike Besch

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